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Freedom Relief Debt Settlement

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Freedom Debt Relief offers a toll free number for you to call and see if their service is right for you. Like most debt consolidation services, they ballpark your debt payoff in the 24 to 48 month range, but this is an estimate and will depend on timely payments from you as well as cooperation from your creditors with Freedom Debt Relief’s team of negotiators.

An individual adviser will help you to examine your debt and work out a plan that is right for you. Then you’ll begin paying funds into an account that will be used to pay off settlements as deals are reached with your creditors. The account is FDIC insured. Obviously, the more the pay in, the faster settlements can be attained. This is an AFCC accredited company. The American Fair Credit Counsel performs regular audits of its members to ensure legitimacy of business practices.

There are no initial costs associated with using Freedom Debt Relief. They use the industry standard fee of 15% of the total amount of the debts they are asked to settle. 4% of what you pay in monthly goes straight to covering service and retainer fees and never gets to the account. While some companies will only work with individuals who are in tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt, Freedom Debt Relief will work with you regardless of how much (or little) you owe.

Support and Help
Fast, polite, and helpful support is available on the phone or via email. This company will do their best to keep creditors off your back. Of course, once you stop making monthly payments and await settlement, you are bound to start receiving phone calls; but Freedom Debt Relief will do their best to help you cope the situation while they strive to resolve matters.

There is no money back guarantee. The money in the trust account remains yours to do with as you please as they work to settle your debts, however; the 4% they skim off the top and your monthly fees are nonrefundable should you decide the program isn’t working out for you.

As with all debt relief companies, you’re going to find complaints about Freedom Debt Relief. The fact is that debt consolidation is not a foolproof solution. Every company is going to get a mix of good and bad reviews. If you decide to use this sort of service, you’ll want to work with a company you are comfortable with. Check out the Freedom Debt Relief website and read through the FAQs. Make comparisons in costs, service, and support. Accreditation is important, but results are even more important. Freedom Debt Relief boasts about 40,000 customers – most of them middle aged and middle class. They have about 500 employees working to help such ones obtain greater financial security.

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